YouTube Action Plan

The Action Plan is a three-month customized 1-on-1 coaching program to help improve your YouTube channel

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The Action Plan

The action Plan is a three-month customized 1:1 coaching program that will help you:   

  • Partner with me for the next 3 months to execute a guided, personalized, action plan for your channel based on your goals

Podcast Auditing & Consulting

Are you ready to launch your show and want to ensure everything is set-up in a way so you can avoid wasted time and go back and forth between launch tasks?

Maybe you already launched and want to know how your podcast or can be improved to help it serve your business more effectively?

I provide Podcast Power sessions that are focused on helping you understand the principles of podcasting, how to choose create a workflow, and how to creare a marketing strategy that works for you and your podcast.

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Podcast Editing & Management

How long are you spending on editing your podcast?

I’ll bet it’s close to 6  hours per week, maybe more.

Having a podcast is so much more than just recording.

Planning your episodes, developing content, editing,  publishing….. there went most of your week, especially if it’s part of your business!

Ready to take that time back to focus on your zone of genius?

Ready to grow your business or make money with that 6 or so hours every week?

That’s exactly where my editing and management services can help you. I’ll take that chore off your hands (gladly!) so you can do something more creative and profitable with that time,

Ready to uplevel your podcast?