How to Start Your Podcast with 5 Easy Steps

How to Start Your Podcast with 5 Easy Steps

If you’re searching for a complete guide on how to start your podcast, you have landed in the right place. Launching your own podcast is not a difficult feat however you may need to follow certain steps to successfully do it.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasting is a less saturated platform to engage your audience, make new connections, and expand your business. There is less competition for space as is the case in blogging. To make the picture clear for you, as recent as October 2020, there are just one million podcasts but over 600 million blogs! Now that I’ve convinced you of the merits of creating a podcast, let’s move to how you will go about it. 


The first step which is also the most important step is to chalk out what your podcast is all about. It is a good idea to do some homework and listen to other podcasts to get the feel of how it’s done. Don’t forget to brainstorm on topics that you’re interested in!

Game Plan

Once you’ve done your research, and thought about the topic, it’s important to finalize some key details. Remember it is to sketch out your episodes to organize your ideas.

  • Your audience and relatability
  • Length and Frequency of the podcast
  • Your USP

It can be daunting to think about the expensive equipment that you may require for your podcast, but truth be told you only need one item, at least at the start: a microphone. To kick start your podcast a basic microphone and headphones are enough. You may later expand your equipment such as boom arms and pop shields as your podcast grows.


While you may not require a fancy studio for your recording however it is important to keep the noise levels in check. The location you choose should not have any sort of echo.

Recording and Editing

Once you have the equipment and location in place, and the ideas ready, you are ready to hit the acceleration. Go ahead and record your podcast, you have different options to choose from; solo, multiple hosts, and remote interviews. Once you have recorded your content, it is important to edit it before it can be placed on a platform. You may use many paid or free software available on the web for this purpose.

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Launch Your Podcast with a Podcast Host

Once you have edited your podcast and it is ready for launch you may review various podcast hosts for the launching. You also have the option of self-hosting which although offers you complete autonomy but it may be complicated and you can face technical issues down the lane.

Podcasting Hosting Platforms

There may be several podcast hosting platforms that you can choose from, to name a few:

  • Buzzsprout 
  • Libsyn 
  • Podbean

Although all of them are quite similar, I choose XYZZ for the simplicity and ease of the platform. XYZZZ is not only a simple but also an affordable platform.

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