Beyond Launching Your Podcast

Beyond Launching Your Podcast

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you managed to successfully launch your podcast or are in the final stages of it. However, you cannot take a sigh of relief just yet as your work has not been finished. Once you have launched your podcast it is important that you gain traction for it, as a podcast is only as good as its listeners. So, how do you go about gaining traction and attracting your audience to click on your podcast while browsing through the podcast directory?

Marketing Your Podcast

Marketing your podcast may be a little difficult but nothing to lose hope on. You will need to connect with your audience through digital marketing, but what are the avenues that you can explore you ask. Well to name a few:

  • Mobilize your audience on your social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Post about the content of your podcasts and strike up conversations, which will definitely increase eyeballs for your posts and ultimately your podcasts.
  • Engage your audience through giveaways based on sharing your posts/content and tagging their friends as well. This will help to broaden your audience base.

Other Tools

In order to further market your podcast, using other tools like the Headline Application is a great idea. Headliner allows the creation of videos based on your podcast that can be easily shared on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS/iMessage, and more! This is especially important for those people who browse through their newsfeed without turning their sound on. Moreover, sometimes it’s important that the audience “sees” your content as opposed to “hearing” it.

Guests and Influencers

It is a great idea to use the power of influencers and guests to pull traction towards your audience. Inviting a guest on your podcast is a great idea, as you can use their fan following to gain an audience, as they promote themselves and their views along with promoting your podcast in the process. This way of promotion can have a ripple effect as the guest can then share the content/ your podcast on various social media platforms, which will give a multitude of exposure to your podcast.

Likewise, you can also be a guest on other podcasts, but the key to this is choosing the podcasts that would have your required audience. Contributing to podcasts that do not have your target audience is a pointless effort. To attract the right audience, remember, you need to choose the right podcast and even platform.

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