About me & you

Hey I'm Chrysa, coffee nerd ☕ and also happen to be obsessed with podcasts🎧

The first time I listened to a podcast was back in 2017. I've been listening every other day ever since. In 2019, I found myself editing podcasts, consulting podcasters in launching and managing their shows. It felt like I finally found my calling.

How this relates to you?

As a podcast Consultant and Editor, I get to help business coaches, consultants, and service providers like you grow their business using the most effective platform available. It's like I get to be a small part of each of my client's stories that help others make a difference in the world and that feels so fulfilling.

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Why to work with a Podcast Consultant

Because I got you!

I want you to think how many hours do you spend on editing your podcast every week? I’m guessing at least 4 -6 or maybe more, don’t you? Editing can be time-consuming, I know that! It can also drain your podcasting enthusiasm and drive you crazy, isn’t it?

Producing a podcast takes lots of time

Maybe you haven’t launched your podcast and got stuck in the “googling phase” where you type “how to edit a podcast fast ” or "How to start a podcast step by step".That’s a lot of work and it’s okay to feel frustrated.
The truth is that needs commitment and work to release episodes consistently or even to publish your first (NOT PERFECT) episode.
You don’t need another YouTube Video or guide.
You need accountability and guidance from someone who knows the ins and outs and understands that starting or growing a podcast requires a strategic plan, time and commitment.

This is where I come in!

Let me help you take the overwhelm out of podcasting. By working with me you don’t get only a podcast editor. You get a team member.

Don't just take my word for it...

Before working with Chrysa, I had wanted to launch my own podcast for years but felt overwhelmed with how to actually do it. There was so much that I didn't know. When I started working with Chrysa, I immediately felt a sense of relief. Chrysa made the entire process of launching a podcast so much easier and saved me so much time that I would have spent trying to piece information together on my own.
Chrysa is who I recommend to everyone looking for help with their podcast. Not only does my podcast have higher-quality sound now, she's also helped me make strategic decisions regarding the format and overall strategy for my podcast.
Because of her consulting, changes have been made to my podcast that I never would've considered. We have more downloads now than we did prior to working with her.
Podcasting is a lot of work. I hired Chrysa to help me with my podcast production needs and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Without working with Chrysa I wouldn't be able to launch this podcast. Not only does she guide me through the process of launching my podcast but she's inspiring me to show up in a way that I haven't been able to before.
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Amy Demone
Founder of the Empathy Front - Host of What We're NOT Talking about Podcast
From the moment I met Chrysa, she put me at ease with the podcast production process. She knows what works and what doesn't. She is also patient, attentive and a clear communicator. Working with her has taken my podcast to a whole new level.